May 1, 2020

007 Will Wissmiller, Trauma Recovery Coach | Mental Health Awareness Month

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, Trauma Recovery Coaches Bradley Hall and Will Wissmiller sit down to talk trauma and recovery. 


Will's Bio:


Will offers insight and intuitive guidance to help his clients break patterns negatively affecting their daily lives.

As an Advanced Certified Trauma Recovery Coach with the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching, he is passionate about, and intimately familiar with, helping others overcome the effects of Complex PTSD (C-PTSD), also known as Developmental Trauma.

Will also loves to help anyone who wants to achieve more authentic and secure attachments in their personal and professional relationships.

Another of Will’s passions is his work as NeuroAffective Touch® practitioner.   This unique form of bodywork, designed specifically to help clients heal from Developmental Trauma, not only allows Will to help his in-person clients quickly and effectively release the hold of past trauma on the body and mind (it’s great for stress relief too!) - it also informs his approach to healing as a Trauma Recovery Coach: namely, addressing how the body AND the mind store the effects of trauma, and can establish how we show up in the world.

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